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My Mirena Story 2013 - 2018

15. Juni 2018 um 17:36

Before I tell you my mirena story, it is important to give you some information about my person: I do not smoke, do not take any drug and I was always healthy before I took the mirena.

Few years after the birth of my child I started to use the mirena in October 2013. Unfortunately 4 months later, my gynecologist discovered a cyst on my right ovary. As the cyst get bigger and bigger, I had to go to hospital in order to remove the cyst in February 2015. Because the cyst was stuck on the ovary, I unfortunately also lost my right ovary.

After the painful operation, I asked two different gynecologists if the mirena might be the cause of the cyst on my ovary. Both answered: "No" and I unfortunately trusted them. I regret that I did not listen to me and removed it in 2014 as we first discovered the cyst.

The mirena was still in me and I had all the following symptoms:

+ I had severe pains and cramps in lower abdomen and left ovary.

+ My lower abdomen was bloated.

+ I had 24 hours a day back pain (lower back).

+ I had some vaginal yeast infections (Candida)

+ I could not sleep properly.

+ I was always tired.

+ I gained weight.

In 2018, after severe pains and cramps in lower abdomen and left ovary, I decided to remove the mirena. At the moment my gynecologist removed the mirena the constant pain I had in my lower abdomen and left ovary had suddenly disappeared!

Since I removed the mirena, I have more energy, my back pains are gone, my lower abdomen is not bloated anymore. I feel so free, healthy and good!!

Before I decided to use the mirena, none of the doctors informed me about the possible negative effects of the mirena. It's a shame that so many doctors knows about these effects and still propose and sell the mirena as the best contraception way.


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